Green card signature requirements waived.  A change was made to green card signature requirements in February, 2015, though many immigrants remain unaware of the fact.  Where previously the signature requirement was waived for children under the age of consent, or those with a disability that would prevent them from signing, now a signature is not required for new lawful permanent residents who fit the following criteria.  USCIS waived the requirement for new lawful permanent residents to sign their green cards when they enter the US for the first time, after obtaining their immigrant visa from a U.S. Embassy or consulate.

An unsigned green card is still acceptable for I-9 identity and employment eligibility verification purposes, so long as the card is authentic, presented by the individual named on the card, and has not expired.

When a green card is issued without a signature, the words “Signature Waived” will be printed on both sides of the card.


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